kundenspezifische Stromversorgung Telecom, GB 120-2

Sector: Telecom

Special power supply unit GB 120-2

Sample project – customized power supply solution

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kundenspezifische Netzteilentwicklung DC/DC-Converter for Control Network Interface

DC/DC-Converter for Control Network Interface

The power supply unit GB 120-2 is integrated in a control network system. Especially for this application, we implemented numerous different connector options in the unit’s design. The converter conforms to the AISG 2.0 protocol, the most up-to-date international antenna standard.

Technical data


Output 120 W

Dimensions (D x W x H)


This power supply unit can be modified and customized to specific requirements! Just contact us – we design, develop and manufacture power supply solutions for all branches of industry and virtually any application!


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