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Special power supply unit GB 21

Sample project – customized power supply solution

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kundenspezifische Netzteilentwicklung DC/DC-Converter for Gyros in Helicopters

DC/DC-Converter for Gyros in Helicopters

The operating conditions for this converter require that it withstand very strong vibrations. To achieve this, we joined together all major components with powerful adhesive and coated the entire circuit board with varnish. Another important factor is the very good output ­voltage filter. The converter works with two independent converters, allowing for a higher fail ­security of the system. Our team integrated high-speed amplifiers developed by our customer in ­ the unit.

Technical data


Output 21 W

Dimensions (D  x W x H)


This power supply unit can be modified and customized to specific requirements! Just contact us – we design, develop and manufacture power supply solutions for all branches of industry and virtually any application!


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