kundenspezifische Stromversorgung Medical Technology, GK 300

Sector: Medical Technology

Special power supply unit GK 300

Sample project – customized power supply solution

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kundenspezifische Netzteilentwicklung Power Supply Unit for MRT Systems

Power Supply Unit for MRT Systems

The biggest challenge in developing the GK 300 didn’t emerge until we started realizing the project. Since the power supply unit is used in a MRT system, it is exposed to a very strong magnetic field. This meant that we couldn’t use an inductive unit with a magnetic core for this product. The solution for this problem consists of a new technology. Newly developed coreless induction units allowed the power supply to operate flawlessly even in a strong ­magnetic field. In addition, we integrated an 80-dB shielding that shields the MRT system from ­interferences from the measuring system.

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This power supply unit can be modified and customized to specific requirements! Just contact us – we design, develop and manufacture power supply solutions for all branches of industry and virtually any application!


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